René Amado

My mission: Truth and Time Captured, with Integrity

My Father was a hobbyist photographer back when I was a kid. He would shoot weddings for family and friends. He always had photography magazines laying around the house. I was barely old enough to read at the time but would constantly dig through them just to look at the pictures.

In high school, I took a dark room class just for some easy credits. Then in college, I had to take film and digital photography classes for my Visual Communications degree. That was where the interest in photography grew for me.

But it wasn’t until some years later when I asked my Dad if I could have his old film cameras that I actually started getting serious. I then began exploring the streets of San Antonio, TX doing street photography. Within a couple years I began receiving invitations to display my photos at local art shows and galleries. Then came an opportunity to shoot concerts and music festivals for a local media outlet.

In 2017 I made the decision to move back to Wisconsin from Texas. That was when I started up René Amado Photography, focusing mainly on portraits. I’ve worked tirelessly since then to build my name as a photographer and artist locally. I really love what I do. As an art medium as well as hired work. I also love being as versatile as possible with my camera and challenge myself to shoot a variety of subjects from portraits to culinary to photojournalism.

Thankfully, my hard work has been paying off. I’ve been recognized and awarded by RAM, the Racine Art Museum, as their 2020 Emerging Artist Recipient. I have also been published by our local newspaper, The Journal Times, and have also done numerous assignments for local news website Racine County Eye.

Life moves fast. And to be able to stop it and hold on to split seconds of it is a powerful thing to me. To be able to tell stories that move people without using words is a powerful thing to me. There are stories attached to all we see, and I am grateful for all the opportunities granted to me to help tell them with my camera.