At one time, the modeling industry was a very exclusive thing. Models had to meet certain height requirements, beauty standards, fit certain looks amongst other things. While it can still be that way to be hired by certain agencies, it isn’t like that for all modeling work and photography anymore.

The industry, genre and standards have all changed dramatically. Pretty much anyone who can strike a pose and give a look can be a model and the ability to get paid for it is no longer limited to the runways, catalogs and major brands. Nowadays with social media and an endless variety of brands looking for individuals to help sell, promote and show off their goods online, the industry is no longer the exclusive club it once was.

We have actually partnered in the past with experienced models to host beginner modeling workshops. We also have experience in collaborating with fashion brands to shoot their models for their brands and have collaborated with models for our own looks and ideas just to shoot them as well. Whether you’re an aspiring model looking to start your portfolio or a more experienced one expanding on yours, we can help you with that.

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